A bunch of powerful and resilient women support and empower each other while rivalling to become Australia's strongest woman.

Home-Grown Country Documentary

(& plenty of other projects

that are still developing in my mind)

Short Film - Love Triangle

Show/Series Title                         Length             Network                 Credits


Westcoast Cottages 2                     6x30          UNIS (CBC)              Director/Editor

Secrets of the Emerald Sea            1x30           Shaw TV                   Director/ Editor

Curious Beasts                                 3x60          TV5                            Writer

The Tassie Beer Trail                        4x05          Online series            Director/Camera Operator

Older (music video)                                           Online                       Director, writer

Galala Talent Show                        11x60          UNIS  (CBC)              Post Production Supervisor/Editor

Dark Waters of Crime 7                   3x60          OWN/Canal D          Editor/Asst. Camera

Westcoast Cottages 1                     6x30          UNIS  (CBC)              Editor

Dark Waters of Crime 6                  3x60          OWN/Canal D          Asst. Editor/Asst. Camera/Researcher

‘Il était une fois un jouet’                3x60         Historia                      Film Editor/Asst. Camera/Researcher

Yukon Yukon parle français             1x60         Radio-Canada           Asst. Editor

Franco-boom en Alberta                1x60         Radio-Canada           Asst. Editor

Fransas quoi ?                                  1x60         Radio-Canada           Asst. Editor

A l’an vert                                         1x60         Radio-Canada           Asst. Editor

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Copy of Strongwomen resized for Web Jpeg
Copy of Strongwomen resized for Web Jpeg
Crew shot from Older
That sun tho on West Coast Cottages
One host, 2 cam ops, & van
Whistler views
This is clearly what this is for
Sydney shots from a rooftop
That time I was a forensic scientist
Whose that girl?
Clearly in another life
Swim, film, swim
Safety first
That time I was a digital nomad
From my early days
The 2 sides of my personality
Slider shots, getting it all set up
On set of Older Music Video
The back saver