Corinne Innes

Canadian Director & Writer (living in Melbourne)
I don't believe in adding to the noise, simply to put something out there for the sake of publishing. It's more important to me be part of something greater. To contribute to our history, to give meaning to our lives and to truly connect with others through the rich and powerful art of storytelling.
Self-proclaimed never-ending storyteller

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Copy of Strongwomen resized for Web Jpeg
Copy of Strongwomen resized for Web Jpeg
Crew shot from Older
That sun tho on West Coast Cottages
One host, 2 cam ops, & van
Whistler views
This is clearly what this is for
Sydney shots from a rooftop
That time I was a forensic scientist
Whose that girl?
Clearly in another life
Swim, film, swim
Safety first
That time I was a digital nomad
From my early days
The 2 sides of my personality
Slider shots, getting it all set up
On set of Older Music Video
The back saver