About Me

Director. Writer. Never-ending storyteller. 


I have more than 10 years of experience as a director, writer and editor.
My work has been seen on many Canadian TV channels such as CBC, OWN Oprah Channel, Historia, Unis, TV5, Canal D, Knowledge Network, & SHAW TV.
Now living in Melbourne, I have been mainly focusing on producing & directing documentaries.
With educational roots in journalism, my passion for the art of factual storytelling is strong.
I am aiming not to be a part of the noise that is cluttering our brains, but to silence it for you. Even if simply for a moment. Just so you can listen to something that will resonate with you and make you feel something. 
In a time when so many things in our lives are constructed to steal our attention, to tell us do something, to sell us a product - I believe more than ever in factual story-telling, to educate, to resonate and to connect with the masses.
Simple raw stories for what they are.  After all, storytelling is the most basic way we connect with humanity.

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Festival Award


News Story


U of W

Film Fest Winner

Victoria Film Festival

Prize for best music video 'Hands' - with Shelley Budd

Best News Story Award

Red River College annual awards - prize for best news story with 'Laughter Yoga'


University of Winnipeg Film Fest Winner

Short film - 'Tales from the porcelain pot'